Venezia, 2013-2016, Found postcard and paper bag, pencil, pen and acrylic paint on paper,  Each postcard: 12 x 17 cm, Each bag: 21.3 x 13.8 cm

In 2009 I visited the Venice Biennale and bought a tacky postcard of scenes of Venice, thinking that it might prove useful for a project. I found it a few years later and decided to do an exact painting of it, and the bag it came in. I liked the idea that something could look cheap and pretty much worthless but would have been painstakingly created with great care and over a long period of time. I also liked the idea of creating such a visually tacky piece of work inspired by my time at one of the world’s best known biennials; creating a piece of work that reflects the juxtaposition of the high art of the Venice Biennale and the objects sold to tourists as souveniers of Venice, which are often gaudy and kitsch.

The aims of this project are to hopefully trick people into thinking something so carefully constructed is actually mass produced and worth very little, to look at ideas in and outside of the art world and also to test my painting skills.

Photographer: Paul Knight