I am a conceptual artist working in a variety of media. My practice is broadly focused on how we, as humans, try to order the world around us. I look at the systems people create and the behaviours we exhibit that help us exert perceived control over our existence.

Measuring, recording, naming and categorising are all ways which we try to create this order. We save things and preserve them for posterity. We archive things for the future. We believe in religions that promise us eternal life or reincarnation. We search for answers through stories and through science. In my research I often start with the personal. I examine how I interact with the systems around me and bring this personal experience into dialogue with wider conversations about the human-mediated world.

This area of study has led to an interest in quantitative rather than qualitative information. I am fascinated with data, numbers and dates, and time is very important to me. I am however also interested in the poetic and the whimsical, chance and coincidence, and I mix these differing approaches together to various degrees in my work. I strive to know how much the world can be summed up or described.

Narrative and language are important in my work. Sometimes just a sentence is enough to spark an idea for a new project and I like to make work that can be summed up quickly or explained verbally quite easily.

Translating, in the widest sense of the word, is a process I often employ; translating numbers into colours, whimsical ideas into seemingly reliable data; creative processes into an ordered administrative structure. I also often end up remaking existing objects. I try to exactly replicate something that might have been made with very different techniques, going beyond the use of trompe l’oeil towards the realms of recreating or forging.

I fear being forgotten and this is why, through my art, I try to leave a trace and, however lightly, touch people’s lives. I am almost constantly striving to create a situation where I could be removed from my life and my work but I could be perfectly summed up by what I left behind; my possessions, my home, my art. I am scared of forgetting, of being forgotten and of running out of time.

I was born in Swindon and currently live and work in London.



2017 – 2019
MFA Fine Art (Distinction), Slade School of Fine Art, London
2005 – 2008
BA (Hons) Fine Art (1st), University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
2003 – 2004
Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Distinction), Stroud College, Gloucestershire


Where There Were Once Walls, Rake Community, Online
the Discordant Blues, A Room Upstairs Gallery, London
Depictions of Living,
The Art Pavilion, London

Author’s Translations, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, London
Postgraduate Printmaking in London 2019: A Survey of London Art Colleges, Clifford Chance, London
Stretch, PS Mirabel, Manchester
Untitled, The Pole Gallery, Paris
Rumblestrip, g39, Cardiff
Pareidolia, Daniel Benjamin Gallery with Space Station Gallery, London
The Red Mansion Art Prize Exhibition 2019, Royal Academy, London
Fast Forward: Women in Photography, Slade Research Centre, London
Bite the Bullet, Barbican Arts Trust, London
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018, South London Gallery, London and Liverpool School of Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University as part of the Liverpool Biennial
Cascades: Past Present and Future, Studio 180 as part of Art Licks Weekend, London
Untitled, The Wallet Gallery, London
100:Postcards, The Royal Standard, Liverpool
Paula Morison, The Wasteland, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Made in Roath, Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff
Untitled, Crafty Sew and Sew, Cardiff
Works on Paper, Elysium Gallery, Swansea


Red Mansion Art Prize Residency, Beijing, China
Paula Morison, The Wasteland, Stroud, Gloucestershire
Untitled, Crafty Sew and Sew, Cardiff

Awards and Grants

Winner of the Julia Wood Prize for excellent use of space during the Slade Graduate Degree Show
Winner of the Artists’ Collecting Society Prize
Awarded a Grant from South Square Trust
Awarded £6000 from Safle (with Arts Council Wales) to pursue curatorial work


Small Lies and Half Truths, Commissioned by Tangle International, South West England’s African and Caribbean Theatre Company at Guest Projects, London
Wall with a Viewpoint, Commissioned by National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff (with Lauren Curl, Ed Elliott and Madge)
Wall with a View, Commissioned by Cardiff Bay Harbour Authority Cardiff Bay, Cardiff (with Lauren Curl, Ed Elliott and Madge)


isthisit? issue 06
Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 Exhibition Catalogue

Talks and Events

Goethe Institut and Red Gate Residency Artist Talk, The Bookworm, Beijing (with Julia Debus)