I Shall Live for 100 Years, 1985-date, A 100 year performance documented through two websites which, respectively, count how long I have been alive and how long I have left to live, Variable dimensions


I have always said that I want to live for 100 years and die on my 100th birthday so I am exactly 100 years old when I die. This was the inspiration behind this work. I am undertaking a 100 year performance by trying to stay alive for 100 years just through an effort of will. I plan to live for exactly 100 years and die at the time of my birth on my 100th birthday. I was born at 10.05 on 21st January 1985 so I plan to die at 10.05 on 21st January 2085. Just by being alive I continue to work on this 100 year performance. Two websites have been made that document my progress through this performance. counts how long I have been alive so far. www. counts how long I have left to live. Should I not manage to complete the performance, and die before the 100 years is up, the timers will be stopped and the websites will exist to represent my failure in this task.

I hope that this project will pin down a whimsical idea into a concrete aim and examine the interplay between something that is in or out of our control. I also think it will examine my anxiety over how quickly time passes and our ephemeral nature; I am attempting to take control over and plan something over which I have very little control.

Web Development: Faye Harding, Photography: Seb Camilleri