Admin as Art, 2013-date, Ringbinder folder containing Project Request Forms, folders containing paper research, archive boxes containing larger research and equipment for each project, Variable dimensions

I have created an administative structure through which all of my work is processed to examine my work in more detail and explore administration in relation to the creative process. For every idea a project request form is filled out which will included title, description and intentions of the project as well as what form it will take. There is also a checklist of materials to source and actions to take. Upon completion of the project the form is signed and dated. A folder holds all the forms as they come and go and reflects what needs to be done at any one time. Work generated around each project, whether ongoing or completed, is stored in a file or box with a copy of the Project Request Form attached to it, creating a physical and ever expanding archive of my work. All projects are numbered from 001 upwards. Any older projects which I may archive in this manner will be represented by letters.

I hope that this project will help me manage and organise my workload, break down the ever mysterious creative process into small mundane tasks, examine (often unnecessary) time-consuming administrative structures and reflect the amount of administration artists often have to do, both through their practice and employment.

The project exists as an ongoing physical and digital archive of my work and a folder of complete and incomplete ideas.

Photographer: Paul Knight