How the Sky Looked (Beijing), 2018, A digitally-printed, handbound, 28-page book which documents the colour of the sky at certain points during a month-long residency, 11.2 x 61 x 1.3 cm

In the summer of 2018 I completed a month-long residency in Beijing, courtesy of the Red Mansion Art Prize. Whilst on my residency I made a point to try and photograph the sky everyday. This book records the colour of the sky at every point I specifically documented it throughout my four-week trip. These photographs are arranged according to the hour and date each one was taken.

In my practice I am interested in the place of the individual in relation to the universe, as well as to the human-constructed systems which we encounter every day. In this book I am witnessing the sky, recording its colours and noting that I have noted it. Perhaps this proves my place in the world; it proves I was somewhere at a certain point in my life; it proves I existed. Or perhaps it just provides an unnecessarily exact answer to the classic British post-travel question: What was the weather like?