Shipwrecks (Red), Where There Are No Shipwrecks (Red), Shipwrecks (Blue), Where There Are No Shipwrecks (Blue), 2018, Screenprint on paper, Each: 114.5 x 82 cm, Edition of 5 plus 1 AP

These maps were made so they just depict where there are and aren’t shipwrecks around the British Isles and nothing else – not even the coastline. There are so many shipwrecks that a picture of the nation is built up and defined by the shipwrecks, perhaps you could say defined by its mistakes and tragedies.

I was interested in making this work in relation to national identity and, specifically, British national pride. The UK has traditionally been proud of its naval power, a pride which is tied up in colonialism and its existence as an island nation. In this work I wanted to question this and whether Britannia really does rule the waves. I printed the maps in the colours of the Union Jack to hopefully further highlight this link.

In my practice I am interested in how much can be alluded to just through the presentation of factual data and this is something I wanted to explore though this work.